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smashwords200x200Get most Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. (DFP) EPUB listings at Smashwords for just $0.99 using individual discount codes which are now visible on each listing page at just below the cart buttons. [Codes expire 12/31/2017]

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Molly Greyson’s Ghost

mollygreysonsghost800x1200Just in time for Halloween! Read the chilling new young adult novel, MOLLY GREYSON’S GHOST, by Roberta Hoffer. [Young Adult (©2016 ) 168 pages / 63,000 words | Available in ebook, hardback, and paperback from Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.] Molly Greyson’s world turns upside down when her family moves from sunny California to an old house in rural Indiana, where strange events begin the minute she arrives. Who or what keeps appearing in her bedroom mirror? Does the musty basement hold any clues? Will her new boyfriend help her solve the mysteries? Can Molly Greyson learn to believe in ghosts? | READ MORE AND FIND SALES LINKS….

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A Psychic Life: Living with Extraordinary Perception

cvr200x300apsychiclifeA PSYCHIC LIFE: Living with Extraordinary Perception is the new non-fiction book written and illustrated by Terri Branson. [Spirituality / Mind, Body, & Spirit (©2016) 48 pages illustrated (rated G) Available in ebook and print from Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.] Take a guided tour of the primary aspects of psychic phenomena. Learn the links between chakras and abilities. Read true stories of ghosts and other entities. Gain a greater understanding of basic paranormal experiences with a step-by-step guided approach enhanced by illustrations. READ MORE…

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Wild Animal Fun Facts

wildanimalfunfacts800x1200WILD ANIMAL FUN FACTS is the new adult coloring book written and illustrated by Maria Oglesby. [Adult Coloring Book (©2016 Maria Oglesby) Rated G for all ages and audiences | Includes 25 full page illustrations to color | Released in 8×10 paperback from Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.] Did you know that a flock of parrots is called a pandemonium? Or that squirrels plant hundreds of trees a year? Dive into the rich world of hand-drawn flying, swimming, and crawling critters to uncover clues hidden within each intricately detailed environment. Experience a new habitat with each image, discover a new continent with each page, and learn something unique about each of these strange and wonderful wild creatures as you color. Each page offers a level of alternating simplicity and intricacy to provide hours of stress relieving entertainment. | READ MORE AND FIND SALES LINKS…

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Hardbacks at Barnes & Noble

bookstackclipart200x200Now find library quality 6×9 casebound hardbacks at Barnes & Noble on select fiction and non-fiction titles. For links, visit the title pages on the main DFP website. Or visit the WordPress catalog sites for the following: DFP Books | Firehorse Books | Kittycat Books |

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Read The Stonebridge Ghost Tales


Read the award-winning The Stonebridge Ghost Tales juvenile fantasy series, written by Roberta Hoffer and illustrated by Madison Gaines. Awards include the 2014 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards 1st Place for Best Chapter Book for THE GHOST OF STONEBRIDGE LANE (Book I), and the 2015 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards Silver Award for Best Chapter Book Series for The Stonebridge Ghost Tales. Read about each book: THE GHOST OF STONEBRIDGE LANE | THE GHOST OF THE FROZEN NORTH |

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geodoodles800x1200GEODOODLES, the new adult coloring book by Terri Branson, is now available in 8×10 trim paperback for $6.99 or less. Challenge the mind with sixty (60) original and complex geometric designs to color using pencils, markers, crayons, or any desired medium. Each geodoodle is created to reveal surprising layers and stunning visual effects when completed. || “Excellent! Who would think, as an adult, I would like to color? Not me… Received this as a gift and much to my surprise coloring these geometric designs is addictive. If you like to doodle, this takes it to another level. Can’t wait for the next one!” ~ reviewed by Allen Gaines [FIVE STARS] || Paperback at Amazon | Paperback at Barnes & Noble | Paperback at Createspace || READ MORE…

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The Cubicle Detective

cubicledetective800x1200Read the exciting new young adult mystery, THE CUBICLE DETECTIVE, by Roberta Hoffer. [Young Adult Mystery [rated PG] 80 pages / 28,000 words (©2016) from Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.] Teenage computer wizard Andy Roberts lands a job working for a company that builds extreme water parks. From his high-tech home computer cubicle, he begins to design a water slide like none seen in the world. When he uses a remote controlled drone to help with his work, he and his friend Norm witness a kidnapping. Can Andy and Norm save the victim without becoming victims, themselves? || Paperback at Amazon | Kindle at Amazon | EPUB at Smashwords | Hardback at Lulu | more sales links coming soon! || READ MORE…

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Welcome to DFP Books

logo200x200dfpblueWelcome to the new DFP Books blog. DFP Books is the genre fiction and non-fiction catalog of Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. DFP Books specializes in G-rated juvenile fiction (for ages 8-12), G-PG rated young adult fiction (for ages 13-18+), select non-fiction, poetry and drama, and PG-rated genre fiction (including fantasy, romance, and science fiction). Find titles by category using the menu header or the sidebar. Also, read our blog at DFP WordPress. Thanks!

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