Poetry / Drama

Below are Poetry and Drama titles from the DFP Books label of Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. Click on the titles, covers, or READ MORE links to find blurbs, ISBNs and formats, sales links, awards, and reviews. Thanks!

ELIZABETH BATHORYcvr200x300elizabethbathory [©2012] by Edward Eaton [Drama (PG) 86 pages | 1 act play in 5 scenes] When Elizabeth Bathory discovers that the blood of maidens will keep her young, she sets off on a bloody killing spree that lasts for years and results in the deaths of hundreds. When she is finally caught, she is walled up in her own castle. There, ever young and beautiful, she is denied the love and adoration she so craves. Then a young priest, looking for fame and advancement, comes to save her. Will her need for his flesh be stronger than his need for her soul? READ MORE…


cvr120x180giantsfallGIANTS FALL [©2015] by Edward Eaton [Drama > Classical / Medieval (rated R for 18+) 280 pages | A play in 9 scenes] Love, obsession, revenge, and rage. When the Trojans and the Greeks arrange for a duel between Achilles and Paris to end the war, everyone — including Queen Hecuba and Prince Paris, expect that Achilles will be victorious. After Paris wins, both camps must  deal with the aftermath. The Trojans are ecstatic with their new hero, though Hecuba is not so optimistic. Helen realizes she must face more years of exile as Paris’ wife. Odysseus plots and plans to steal Ajax’s share of Achilles’ spoils, including the lovely slave Briseis, who is given to the men for their sport. In a drunken rage, Ajax grabs his weapons and heads off to exact revenge on Odysseus and the Greeks for their insults. READ MORE…

cvr200x300hectorandachillesHECTOR AND ACHILLES [©2013] by Edward Eaton [Dramatic Verse (PG) 210 pages | 1 act play in 9 scenes] Hector stoically leaves the safety of his city to face the Greek hero Achilles and certain death. This dramatic retelling, based in part on Homer’s ILIAD, is filled with action, passion, soaring verse, and even rollicking humor. READ MORE…

cvr200x300orpheusandeurydiceORPHEUS AND EURYDICE [©2012] by Edward Eaton [Dramatic Verse (PG) 70 pages | 1 act play in 6 scenes] Sometimes the worst thing the gods can give you is what you asked for: When Eurydice finds herself in Hades she is mocked and tormented by demons. Can her husband rescue her before the fiends of Hell destroy her last spark of humanity? Can she and Orpheus overcome the wrath of the Queen of the Dead? READ MORE…

cvr200x300tohssagaTOH’S SAGA [©2014] by Edward Eaton [Verse Novella (G) 80 pages / 5,500 words] Inspired by the writings of famed astronomer Carl Sagan, TOH’S SAGA is the story of the life and times of a sentient bubble. Toh is magnificent. Toh is powerful. Toh is feared, respected. But when its ambition gets out of control, Toh’s group casts it out to face the ravages of a desolate and hostile world without friends, without family — alone. READ MORE…


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