logo200x200dfpblueDFP Books is the fiction and non-fiction label of Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. (DFP).

Find titles listed on this site by genre. Title pages include publication and copyright data, ISBNs, blurbs, awards, reviews, and major sales links. Find books through the categories on the header menu or the menu on the sidebar.

Genres include: Adult Coloring Books | Fantasy | Juvenile (for ages 8-12) | Non-Fiction | Poetry and Drama | Romance | Science Fiction | Young Adult (for ages 13-18+) |

bookstackclipart200x200Most titles are available in either trade paperback (5.5 x 8.5 trim) or library paperback (6×9 trim), library hardback (6×9 casebound), Amazon Kindle ebook, and standard EPUB ebook.

Paperbacks are available retail in POD (print-on-demand) at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Createspace, and more. POD paperbacks are also available wholesale through Baker & Taylor, Createspace Direct, Ingram Books, and more.

Hardbacks are available in POD retail from Barnes & Noble and Lulu. Editions vary by title.

ebookicon150x200All genre fiction titles and some non-fiction titles are available in ebook in Kindle for Amazon and in standard EPUB for all other ebook sales channels, including retail, subscription, and library lending. Find EPUBs at Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Blio, Kobo Books, Open Library, Overdrive, Scribd, Smashwords, and many more.



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Lyndi Alexander | Terri Branson | Edward Eaton | Pat Gaines | Judy Goodspeed | Paula Blais Gorgas | Roberta Hoffer | Carol Preflatish

Clan Elves of the Bitterroot | Dragons Incarnate | The Gods of Fate | The Stonebridge Ghost Tales

A Psychic Life | The Journal of Amos Hannah | Molly Greyson’s Ghost



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