Below are the Non-Fiction titles from the DFP Books label of Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. Click on the titles, covers, or READ MORE links to find blurbs, ISBNs, formats, sales links, and reviews. Thanks!

cvr200x300apsychiclifeA PSYCHIC LIFE: Living with Extraordinary Perception [©2016] Written and Illustrated by Terri Branson [Non-Fiction / Mind, Body, & Spirit (48 pages / illustrated) rated G] Take a guided tour of the primary aspects of psychic phenomena. Learn the links between chakras and abilities. Read true stories of ghosts and other entities. Gain a greater understanding of basic paranormal experiences with a step-by-step guided approach enhanced by illustrations. READ MORE…

cvr200x300cowboyCOWBOY SWEETHEARTS [©2006] by Judy Goodspeed [Non-Fiction / Biography / Rodeo (212 pages) Generously Illustrated] Get a glimpse of rodeo life from the days of tent camps and telegrams to the age of traveling in luxury horse trailers with built-in living quarters and cell phones. Read the true stories of eleven women who married prominent men of the rodeo. Some stayed at home to run ranches, work other jobs, and to raise children. Others went with their husbands on the rodeo circuit. READ MORE…

PAPOOSE CITYcvr200x300papoosecity [©2011] by Judy Goodspeed [Non-Fiction / American History / Oil Field (80 pages) Generously Illustrated in B/W] In August 1923 a gusher blew in, forever changing the lives of an Oklahoma farming community. Witness the birth and death of Papoose City. Experience the discovery of oil and the building of a gasoline plant. Then walk through the process of reclaiming the many acres of land damaged in the search for black gold. READ MORE…

THE DOCTOR’S DAUGHTERScvr200x300drsdaughters [©2003] by Nell Sutton Jordan [Non-Fiction / Biography (116 pages) Illustrated B/W] The middle of five daughters, Nell recalls growing up in Arkansas and Oklahoma at the beginning of the twentieth  century. From 1909 to 1934, her father was a country doctor who made house calls from the back of a horse and (more often than not) was paid in chickens rather than cash. READ MORE…

cvr200x300journalTHE JOURNAL OF AMOS HANNAH [©2005] by Pat Gaines [Non-Fiction / Biography / American History (256 pages) generously illustrated in black/white] A detailed eyewitness account of early 19th century America, the personal journal of Amos Hannah outlines his daily life from 1838 Brookville, Indiana, to his arrival at the California gold fields in 1850. A cooper (barrel maker) by trade, Amos raised a family, traveled extensively, and chronicled the events and concerns of his day. READ MORE… 



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