Young Adult

Below are the Young Adult titles (rated G-PG for ages 13-18 and up) from the DFP Books label of Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. Check back soon for page links. Site still under construction. Thanks!

cvr200x300courtofhonorCOURT OF HONOR [©2009] by Paula Blais Gorgas [RWA Golden Heart Award Winner | Young Adult (PG) 136 pages / 43,000 words] Sixteen-year-old Becky Walden dreams of becoming an all-state basketball player. When small town politics interfere with local high school sports, can Becky lead her teammates to stand up for what is right? Will the boy she loves stand with her? | READ MORE… |

cvr120x180cubicledetectiveTHE CUBICLE DETECTIVE [©2016] by Roberta Hoffer [Young Adult Mystery (rated PG)] Teenage computer wizard Andy Roberts lands a job working for a company that builds extreme water parks. From his home computer cubicle, he uses a remote controlled drone to help with his work. When he and his friend Norm witness a kidnapping, can they save the victim or will they become victims, themselves? | READ MORE…

cvr200x300foresightFORESIGHT [©2010] by Sherry D. Ficklin [The Gods of Fate (Book I) | Young Adult Fantasy (PG) 176 pages / 55,000 words] All Grace Archer wants to do is graduate from high school and get on with her life, but the Gods of Fate have other ideas. Daughter of the Greek Goddess Pandora, Grace must protect her mother’s urn from the crazed demi-goddess Lilith, who is determined to use it to unleash destruction on Earth. | READ MORE… |

cvr200x300hindsightHINDSIGHT [©2012] by Sherry D. Ficklin [The Gods of Fate (Book III) | Young Adult Fantasy (PG) 162 pages / 48,000 words] On her own for the first time, Grace has come into her full powers as an immortal and has taken up the mantle offered by her father, Prometheus. Leaving behind everything and everyone she loves, Grace has become a pawn in a dangerous game that threatens to undo a centuries old truce between the Olympian Gods and the Fae. | READ MORE… |

THE LOST CHORD [©2018] by Lyndi Alexander [Young Adult Fantasy (PG) ___ pages / 73,000 words] A poisonous wave is spreading disease and discord across the eleven known universes. Seven special people, known as Keys, must strike the Lost Chord in order to restore the balance. Among those Keys is Bee Warrick, an autistic teenager from Earth who has traveled between the realms for years without realizing it. Can Bee help the Conductor find the other Keys before a bitter enemy strikes the wrong chord and shatters the universes? | READ MORE… |

cvr120x180mollygreysonsghostMOLLY GREYSON’S GHOST [©2016] by Roberta Hoffer [Young Adult / Ghost Stories (PG) 170 pages / 64,000 words] Molly Greyson’s 16-year-old world is turned upside down when her family moves from California to a small town in Indiana. Strange warnings follow her on the cross-country trip. Then odd things happen when they move into an old mansion. Who or what keeps appearing in her bedroom mirror? Does the musty basement hold any clues? Will her new boyfriend help her solve the mysteries? Can Molly Greyson learn to believe in ghosts? | READ MORE… |

cvr200x300rosiscastleROSI’S CASTLE [©2011] by Edward Eaton [The Gods of Fate (Book III) | Young Adult Fantasy (PG) 200 pages / 58,000 words] Orphaned, Rosi Carol is sent to live with her mysterious Uncle Richard in his eerie castle on the New England coast. The castle seems to have a mind of its own with lights turning off and on and doors locking and unlocking with no one in sight. And why can’t her watch keep proper time? | READ MORE… |

cvr200x300rosiscompanyROSI’S COMPANY [©2013] by Edward Eaton [Rosi’s Doors (Book III) | Young Adult Fantasy (PG) 232 pages / 68,000 words] Thrust into the past, young Time Guardian Rosi Carol must rally a group of fugitives and friends during a British invasion of New England during the Revolutionary War. Outnumbered and outgunned, Rosi must marshal all of her wits and her  experience to reverse the course of events. Can she restore the timeline, saving herself and her few remaining friends? Can she find a way home? | READ MORE… |

cvr200x300rosistimeROSI’S TIME [©2012] by Edward Eaton [Rosi’s Doors (Book II) | Young Adult Fantasy (PG) 246 pages / 79,000 words] Rosi Carol has managed to settle into her Uncle Richard’s New England castle, despite having her family’s ability to step through time. When she and her friends are dragged through a time portal into the past, Rosi must determine not only where they are but when they are and how to restore the timeline. | READ MORE… |

cvr200x300secondsightSECOND SIGHT [©2011] by Sherry D. Ficklin [The Gods of Fate (Book II) | Young Adult Fantasy (PG) 194 pages / 57,000 words] When the man Grace Archer loves is pulled into the Underworld, she will stop at nothing to get him back. With her powers on the fritz, Grace must help track down Samael and retrieve the deadly Eye of Hera before any more gods fall victim to his madness. | READ MORE… |


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