Below are the Juvenile Fiction titles (rated G for ages 8-12) from the DFP Books label of Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.  Click on titles, covers, or READ ME links to find blurbs, ISBNs, sales links, awards, and reviews. Thanks!

cvr200x300earthmagicEARTH MAGIC [©2001] by Paula Blais Gorgas [OWFI’s 2002 Best Juvenile Book | Juvenile Fantasy (rated G) 148 pages / 48,000 words] When Jenna enters an abandoned old house at the top of Violet Hill, she is transported to an alternate world called EARTH ONE. There she meets Master Sorcerer Nigel, his young friends, and a telepathic cat named Victor. But a perilous encounter with a sorcerer from yet another alternate world threatens to change Jenna’s life forever. READ MORE…

cvr200x300crystaldragonSECRET OF THE CRYSTAL DRAGON [©2013] by Paula Blais Gorgas [Guardians of the Blue Planet (Book I) | Juvenile Fantasy (G) 154 pages / 44,000 words] While visiting her father in rural Oklahoma, twelve-year-old Myra Goodfellow finds a baby dragon from Kasan, the home planet of the Guardian Dragons of Earth. When she and Aiden (the boy next door) accidentally “dream travel” to Kasan, they must protect the baby dragon from the Red World Society, a secret alien group determined to rule both Kasan and Earth. READ MORE…

cvr200x300ghostofstonebridgelaneTHE GHOST OF STONEBRIDGE LANE [©2014] by Roberta Hoffer [The Stonebridge Ghost Tales (Book I) | Juvenile Fantasy (G) 62 pages / illustrated] Christian Jones Arnook and his mother travel from Alaska to Indiana to meet a wealthy great-grandfather he never knew existed. A ten-year-old boy overflowing with curiosity, Christian checks out the house and the surrounding area. Spooky events at every turn lead him to one startling conclusion: the estate is haunted and all strange activity seems to start at the old stone bridge. READ MORE…

cvr200x300ghostofthefrozenorthTHE GHOST OF THE FROZEN NORTH [©2015] by Roberta Hoffer [The Stonebridge Ghost Tales (Book II) | Juvenile Fantasy (G) 82 pages  / illustrated] Christian Jones Arnook and his mother return to Alaska to gather their belongings before moving permanently into the manor house they just inherited in Indiana, but they do not make the trip alone. They are joined by Jeremiah, Christian’s thrice-great grandfather who just happens to be a ghost only Christian can see. When a 150 year old ghost is exposed to the 21st century, both scary and funny things take place. READ MORE…

cvr200x300ghostsofstonymanorTHE GHOSTS OF STONY MANOR [©2015] by Roberta Hoffer [The Stonebridge Ghost Tales (Book III) | Juvenile Fantasy (G) 74 pages / illustrated] Stony Manor in Southern Indiana is now filled with ghosts of almost every generation of the Jones family. Christian Jones Arnook and his mom Allison have come to accept living with ghosts. When a secret letter hints of a Jones family treasure yet to be found, all generations are united. Except there is one generation missing. Could he be the one who holds the key to the Jones family treasure? READ MORE…

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