The Lost Chord

by Lyndi Alexander
Young Adult Fantasy (PG)
200 pages / 70,000 words
[©2018] from the DFP Books label of Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.

A poisonous wave is spreading disease and discord across the eleven known universes. Seven special people, known as Keys, must strike the Lost Chord in order to restore the balance. Among those Keys is Bee Warrick, an autistic teenager from Earth who has traveled between the realms for years without realizing it. Can Bee help the Conductor find the other Keys before a bitter enemy strikes the wrong chord and shatters the universes?

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“THE LOST CHORD is a fascinating insight into Autism and a darned good yarn. I thoroughly enjoyed this YA novel which is as much a mystery as it is Sci-Fi with relatable characters and a fabulous premise. Alexander pulls the reader into multiple universes populated by people of many different races, with an upbeat style and a straightforward voice. The combination of sibling rivalry, teen angst, runes, magic, time travel, and saving the world from the plight of the Scourge — ticks all the boxes for me.” ~ reviewed by M. Mcewen-askeron for Amazon Reviews [FIVE STARS]

“THE LOST CHORD is a multi-dimensional story that pulled me in and kept me enticed. I am not a sci-fi fan normally. However, I decided to pick up this novel because the heroine was a teenage girl with autism. I have been an autistic support teacher for thirteen years and this is book has had one of most realistic, believable portrayal of a person living with autism! I will be recommending this book to my colleagues because it gives an insight to the feelings and mind of people on the spectrum. It allows people to see the main character, Bee, as different, not less. I appreciate that! I am giving this book a five-star rating because of it has a unique premise and is well-written. This story follows “the conductor” through various universes in order to find the ‘keys’ need to heal all of the universes, which are being plagued by disease. THE LOST CHORD wraps alternate universes, chakras, stones, unique characters, and magic all into one amazing story that will captivate you until the end. I would love to see this made into a movie! Also, I’m dying to know what happens with Bee. Where does she decide to live? Are all of the universes healed? Will the conductor’s arch nemesis attempt to return? I will be keeping my eye out for a sequel!” ~ reviewed by Michelle Stone for Amazon Reviews [FIVE STARS]

“Once you read this, it will strike a chord within you that will resonate all the way to your soul. I first judge a book by its first chapter – does it capture and keep my interest? In this case – a strong: YES! I give this book five stars because it contained all my likes, different universes, chakras, stones, believable characters and magic talismans. Once you read this, it will strike a chord within you that will resonate all the way to your soul. A conductor goes on a search to find the chosen few, each with their own special talents who set out to save ALL the universes! I was captured by her descriptions of the many planets of the many different universes; my favorite was Jandra with flying carpets! Each child gave their all in this quest, especially our Bee who will steal your heart. I am sure many of the readers will know someone like Bee who excels in the world better than we do. Their uniqueness makes us all think how highly intelligent they can be with the right guidance and support. I work along many students on the spectrum for the past three years, it is amazing to see how they process tasks and complete them in their own unique way. Each own special talent they excel at, like Bee. THE LOST CHORD was a very hard book to put down and stop reading, I had to read it all in one day! I’ve read many books from this wonderful and talented author. I challenge you to find everything she has written and leap into her words and see why she is so enjoyable to read!” ~ reviewed by Susan Sebrell for Amazon Reviews [FIVE STARS]

LYNDI ALEXANDER was a family practice lawyer for over thirty years in addition to being a newspaper reporter and editor. She now lives as a post-modern hippie in rural North Carolina. She always dreamed of faraway worlds and interesting alien contacts. Raising the last child of seven, a daughter diagnosed on the autism spectrum, she says every day feels like first contact with a new species. The Clan Elves of the Bitterroot urban fantasy series includes THE ELF CHILD, THE ELF MAGE, THE ELF GUARDIAN, and THE ELF QUEEN. The Horizon Crossover space opera series includes HORIZON DYNASTY, HORIZON SHIFT, and HORIZON STRIFE.  Single title novels include TRIAD (science fiction) and THE LOST CHORD (young adult fantasy). || Follow the author on Facebook |