cvr200x300triadTRIAD [©2012]
by Lyndi Alexander
Science Fiction / Space Opera
(PG) 246 pages [89,000 words]
Released by DFP Books

After five years of silence, the Arkosian space pirates are back to terrorize the sector where Trezanna Len fights to save her Solarii colony, a small group of Terran descendants settled on the planet Induna. To survive, the Solarii need assistance. And soon. Trezanna could ask for help from the neighboring group called Dragonfleet, but its cruel leader Estrella Drake has been on a rampage to annex Solarii space. Estrella would never agree to an alliance with the Solarii. Or would she?

Science Fiction / Space Opera novels by Lyndi Alexander include: HORIZON DYNASTY (Horizon Crossover III) | HORIZON SHIFT (Horizon Crossover I) | HORIZON STRIFE (Horizon Crossover II) | TRIAD (space opera) |

HARDBACK [EAN 978-1-936381-31-9 | ISBN 1-936381-31-1] 6×9 library casebound (256 pages) | Average Retail Price: $21.99 || Retail listings include: Hardback at Barnes & Noble | Hardback at Lulu |

PAPERBACK [EAN 978-1-936381-32-6 | ISBN 1-936381-32-X] 6×9 library trim (256 pages) | Average Retail Price: $12.99 || Retail listings include: Paperback at Amazon | Paperback at Amazon UK | Paperback at Barnes & Noble | Discount Paperback at Lulu |

EBOOK [EAN 978-1-936381-33-3 | ISBN 1-936381-33-8] in EPUB and Kindle (89,000 words) | Average Retail Price: $4.99 || Retail listings include: Kindle at Amazon | Kindle at Amazon UK | EPUB at Barnes & Noble | EPUB at Kobo Books | EPUB at Smashwords


“The enemy of my enemy stands true in TRIAD. Two factions brought together to defend against a common foe. This story starts off with a battle and the action keeps going. The author introduces us to the characters, their quirks, their good points and their faults, Piper, Chase, Julian and the rest draw you in. I don’t want to spoil the book for you but it is an adventure, filled with twists and turns, characters to like and others you want to see squished. I would love to see them again, in some form. I enjoyed this book a lot!” ~ reviewed by K. Hicks for Geek Girl [FIVE STARS]

“Packed with unique characters and spaceship battles galore, TRIAD by Lyndi Alexander is space opera at its best. The author really knows her space lore and has created memorable characters. The plot moves lightning fast, so pay attention to every word. TRIAD is a great read!” ~ reviewed by Sparks Reviews [FIVE STARS]

author200x300alexanderlyndiLYNDI ALEXANDER, a family practice lawyer and single mother, has been a writer for over thirty years, including seven years as a reporter and newspaper editor in Homestead, Florida. The Clan Elves of the Bitterroot urban fantasy series includes (in reading order): THE ELF QUEEN, THE ELF CHILD, THE ELF MAGE, and THE ELF GUARDIAN. The Horizon Crossover space opera series includes (in reading order): HORIZON SHIFT, and HORIZON STRIFE,  and HORIZON DYNASTY. Also read the science fiction novel TRIAD. || Follow the author on Facebook |


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