Dragon’s Blood

Dragons Incarnate series
by Terri Branson
Science Fiction (PG)
__ pages [ __,000 words]
Cover Art ©2018 Terri Branson
Due in 2018 from DFP Books

Karazamon (Raza) has spent most of his 163 years as a Master of the Sooran Guard, the elite military of the Eshkalle people who rule the five inhabited worlds of the Mekara solar system. Just as Raza decides to take a vacation that is long overdue, the Sooran high commander pleads for help. Raza may be the only one who stands a chance of finding the truth about their past in time to prevent current political tensions from escalating into full-scale interplanetary war. Raza must delve into the closely guarded secrets of the Tarmans, the spiritual leaders who run the judiciary branch of their government. What he finds may shake everything he thought he knew of his world, of his people, and of himself.

The Dragons Incarnate science fiction series by Terri Branson includes: DRAGON’S BLOOD | DRAGON’S DEN || Follow the series on Facebook…

HARDBACK [EAN 978-1-936381-17-3 | ISBN 1-936381-17-6] 6×9 library casebound (__ pages) | Average Retail Price: $__.99 || Hardback at Barnes & Noble | Hardback at Lulu |

[EAN 978-1-936381-18-0 | ISBN 1-936381-18-4] 6×9 library trim (___ pages) | Average Retail Price: $__.99 || Paperback at Amazon | Paperback at Amazon UK | Paperback at Barnes & Noble | Paperback at Lulu |

EBOOK [EAN 978-1-936381-19-7 | ISBN 1-936381-19-2]  Available in EPUB and Kindle MOBI (__,000 words) | Average Retail Price: $___ || Kindle at Amazon | Kindle at Amazon UK | EPUB at Apple iBooks | EPUB at Barnes & Noble | EPUB at Kobo Books | EPUB at Lulu | EPUB at Smashwords || Also find EPUBs at Blio, Open Library, Overdrive, Scribd and more!


TTERRI BRANSONauthor400x600terribranson earned an associate degree in math and science before turning her efforts toward the studies of creative writing and graphic arts. In addition to being a graphics artist and an editor, she is an award-winning author who has sold articles on the craft of writing and conducted local writing workshops. Awards include the EPPIE 2005 Best Children’s Book trophy for BROTHER DRAGON and the EPPIE 2004 Best Anthology trophy for COSMIC SCULPTURE. Adult Coloring Books include: GEODOODLES. Children’s Picture Books include: A VERY DRAGON CHRISTMAS, BROTHER DRAGON, PETE THE PEACOCK GOES TO THE ZOO, PETE THE PEACOCK GOES TO TOWN, SCOOTER’S WORLD, TYLER ON THE MOON, and WATCH FOR FALLING ROCK. Romance novels include: MUSK RAIN and PRAIRIE FIRE. Science Fiction novels include: COSMIC SCULPTURE, DRAGON’S BLOOD, and DRAGON’S DEN. || Visit Author Web and Blog sites | Follow Terri Branson on Facebook | Follow the Dragons Incarnate series on Facebook |


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