Cosmic Sculpture

cvr200x300cosmicsculptureCOSMIC SCULPTURE
by Terri Branson
Science Fiction & Fantasy Anthology
204 pages (56,000 words)
[©2003-2014] Rated PG
From the DFP Books label of Dragonfly Publishing

EPPIE 2004 Best Anthology Winner 

COSMIC SCULPTURE is a collection of fourteen science fiction and fantasy stories plus the DRAGON’S DEN novel. Read tales of Atlantis, Mars, dragons, faeries, vampires, reincarnation, and more. Then inside the Dragon’s Den on the icy and isolated world of T’Panabar, martial arts master Raza learns he is the key to locating an illegal mining operation. With treachery afoot, Raza must confront the most dangerous dragon incarnate of all, himself. || READ AN EXCERPT ||

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LIBRARY PAPERBACK [EAN 978-1-941278-73-4 | ISBN 1-941278-73-6] 6×9 library trim (202 pages) | Average Price: $9.99 || Library Paperback at Barnes & Noble | Discount Library Paperback at Lulu |

TRADE PAPERBACK [EAN 978-0-9819080-0-7 | ISBN 0-9819080-0-4] 5.5 x 8.5 trade trim (204 pages) | Average Price: $9.99 || Trade Paperback at Amazon | Trade Paperback at Amazon UK |

HARDBACK [B&N EAN 978-1-941278-55-0 | ISBN 1-941278-55-8] [Lulu EAN 978-0-9765786-3-5 | ISBN 0-9765786-3-8] 6×9 library casebound (202 pages) | Average Price: $21.99 || Hardback at Barnes & Noble | Discount Hardback at Lulu |

EBOOK [EAN 978-0-9819080-9-0 | ISBN 0-9819080-9-8] Available in standard EPUB and Kindle MOBI (56,000 words) | Average Price: $3.99 || Amazon | Amazon UK | Apple iBooks | Barnes & Noble | Kobo Books | Smashwords || Find Kindle MOBI editions at Amazon and Smashwords. Find EPUB editions at Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Blio, Kobo Books, Open Library, Overdrive, Scribd, Smashwords, and more.


“COSMIC SCULPTURE has some of the best short stories that I have read. They are a
clever and unusual assortment of science fiction and fantasy. The second half of the book
introduces a dragon world series in DRAGON’S DEN with more to come. I highly
recommend this anthology.” ~ reviewed by Pat Gaines for Grandma’s Reading Corner

“Dip into the life of a lonely vampire, crawl through a crystalline mine, or mull over our sun’s ‘missing planet’, all leavened with humor and the whisper of dragons’ wings.” ~ reviewed by Jeanette Cottrell for eBook Reviews Weekly

“Terri Branson has brought us a dragon world for the science fiction aficionado. Her characters are in bright colors right before your eyes and her world is so real you need a coat to cut the snowy cold. I am excited to see that more dragons are in the publishing future because this story is out of this world wonderful.” ~ reviewed by Brenda McCoy for CoffeeTime Romance [FIVE STARS]

“A clever and oftimes humorous blend of science fiction and fantasy.” ~ reviewed by Chaos Arts Reviews [FIVE STARS]

“In COSMIC SCULPTURE, Terri Branson has created a fascinating blend of dragons and aliens, science fiction and Native American wisdom. Although each story stands on its own, Ms. Branson’s caustic sense of humor binds the collection into a cohesive whole. An unforgettable reading experience.” ~ reviewed by Paula Blais Gorgas for Roserock Reviews [FIVE STARS]

TERRI BRANSONauthor400x600terribranson earned an associate degree in math and science before turning her efforts toward the studies of creative writing and graphic arts. In addition to being a graphics artist and an editor, she is an award-winning author who has sold articles on the craft of writing and conducted many local writing workshops. Awards include the EPPIE 2005 Best Children’s Book trophy for the picture book Brother Dragon and the EPPIE 2004 Best Anthology trophy for the science fiction and fantasy anthology Cosmic Sculpture. Adult Coloring Books include: Geodoodles. Children’s Picture Books include: A Very Dragon Christmas, Brother Dragon, Pete the Peacock, Goes to the Zoo, Pete, the Peacock, Goes to Town, Scooter’s World, Tyler on the Moon, and Watch for Falling Rock. Romance novels include: Musk Rain and Prairie Fire. Science Fiction novels include: Cosmic Sculpture, Dragon’s Blood, and Dragon’s Den. Non-fiction books include: A Psychic Life. || Visit Author Web and Blog | Find on Facebook |


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