Rosi’s Doors

Rosi's Doors

Newly orphaned Rosi Carol is sent to live with her estranged Uncle Richard in his eerie castle on the New England coast. From mysterious dark clouds that follow Rosi to people who appear and disappear, she begins to believe rumors that her family has some kind of magical hold over the local town. The old castle seems to have a mind of its own with lights that turn off and on and doors that lock and unlock with no one in sight. Even her watch cannot keep proper time. Can Rosi unlock the mystery of her family and live to tell the tale?

Rosi’s Doors, the young adult fantasy series by Edward Eaton, is available in ebook (EPUB and Amazon Kindle), library hardback, and paperback from the DFP Books label of Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. See the title pages to read about each book and to find sales links. | Visit the author’s website | Visit the ROSI’S DOORS series website |

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ROSI’S CASTLE was named the New England Book Festival 2013 Winner for Best Young Adult Novel and the Readers’ Favorite 2012 Silver Award Winner for Best Young Adult Sci-Fi / Fantasy Novel. ROSI’S TIME was named the 2013 Beach Book Festival Winner for Best General Fiction.

Rosi’s Doors young adult time travel series by Edward Eaton (in reading order): ROSI’S CASTLE (Book I)ROSI’S TIME (Book II) | ROSI’S COMPANY (Book III) |

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