Horizon Crossover

Horizon Crossover series

In an attempt to save his ship and its crew, Captain Temms Rogers uses an untested alien technology which hurls the Doubtful and its occupants away from a massive space battle. Rogers awakens to find his ship crippled and his crew decimated. They are lost in an unknown region of space, but they are but not alone. As they struggle to survive, they encounter multiple local groups, including mystical beings known as the Ancients. Can Rogers and the crew of the Doubtful find a way to survive in this strange corner of the universe?


The Horizon Crossover space opera series by Lyndi Alexander is available in ebook (EPUB and Amazon Kindle), library hardback, and paperback from the DFP Books label of Dragonfly Publishing.

The Horizon Crossover series includes (in reading order): HORIZON SHIFT (Book I)HORIZON STRIFE (Book II)HORIZON DYNASTY (Book III)

Horizon ShiftHorizon StrifeHorizon Dynasty