Dragons Incarnate

Within the Eshkalle people of the Mekara solar system lies an ancient bloodline, whose secrets have been obscured by the mists of time. Why do some Eshkalle have fangs, psychic abilities, and extremely long lives? Who are the dragons incarnate? Are they a fluke of genetics or is something else afoot? What part does reincarnation play? To find the answers, follow the incarnations of one dragon soul through pivotal epochs of Eshkalle history. He was known by many names, including: Talin of E’Vann, Talin Kalandyn, and Karazamon (the Sleeping Dragon, a.k.a. Raza). — Every woman wanted him. Every man wanted to be him. All he wanted was the truth.

The Dragons Incarnate science fiction and fantasy series by Terri Branson is available in ebook, library hardback, and paperback from the DFP Books label of Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. | Visit the Dragons Incarnate series website for slideshows, videos, excerpts, sales links, and more | Follow the Dragons Incarnate series on Facebook

Series titles include (some coming soon): DRAGON’S BONES | DRAGON’S BLOOD | DRAGON’S DEN | DRAGON’S EYE | DRAGON’S FIRE |

Dragon's Blood Dragon's Bones Dragon's Den Dragon's Eye Dragon's Fire