Mountain of Deception

Mountain of Deception

Read an ExcerptTessa Cooper, having taken a year long sabbatical from teaching English at a university in order to write a mystery novel, winds up living in the mountains of Tennessee. The last thing on her mind is falling in love. Then she meets the man building the garage behind her cabin. Sexy Silas Newberry is a man with many secrets, and Tessa is determined to find out what they are. But when things start going in the wrong direction, can Silas keep her safe without revealing his biggest secret of all?READ AN EXCERPT

MOUNTAIN OF DECEPTION [©2015] by Carol Preflatish | Romantic Suspense (Rated R for 18 and up) 156 pages / 58,000 words | Released in print and ebook from Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. | VIEW COVER

Mountain of Deception


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“MOUNTAIN OF DECEPTION a nice suspense novel about Silas (the poacher) and Tessa (the college professor). Tessa is taking a year-long break to write a novel after the death of her husband. She rents a cabin in the Smoky Mountains and is greeted by the local handy man who is building a shed in the back of her rental. The two quickly are checking each other out but he is quiet and reserved not sharing much detail about his life. She is more of an open book and will tell all about herself. The couple begin dating and Silas reveals some things about himself that shock both us and Tessa. However we listen to him make promises to change his life. There are a few twists and turns for the couple like his dangerous job, his boss and co-workers plus a noisy neighbor who wants to see the two split up. The end of the book is where a lot of the action takes place. The author does a good job showing the respect and love the two share for each other to make the decisions they make plausible.” ~ reviewed by Angie J for Twinsie Talk Reviews