Edward Eaton

Edward EatonEDWARD EATON has studied and taught in the States, China, Israel, Oman, and France. He holds a PhD in Theatre History and Literature. With a background in play writing, he has worked as a theater director and fight choreographer, a newspaper columnist, and a theater critic. An avid SCUBA diver and skier, he resides in Boston with his wife Silviya and son Christopher.


Publications include: ELIZABETH BATHORY (drama) | GIANTS FALL (drama) | HECTOR AND ACHILLES (drama) | ORPHEUS AND EURYDICE (drama)ROSI’S CASTLE (young adult fantasy) | ROSI’S COMPANY (young adult fantasy) | ROSI’S TIME (young adult fantasy)TOH’S SAGA (verse novella) |

Elizabeth BathoryGiants FallHector and AchillesOrpheus and EurydiceRosi's CastleRosi's CompanyRosi's TimeToh's Saga