Wild Animal Fun Facts

Wild Animal Fun Facts

Did you know that a flock of parrots is called a pandemonium? Or that squirrels plant hundreds of trees a year? Dive into the rich world of hand-drawn flying, swimming, and crawling critters to uncover clues hidden within each intricately detailed environment. Inside WILD ANIMAL FUN FACTS, experience a new habitat with each image, discover a new continent with each page, and learn something unique about each of these strange and wonderful wild creatures as you color. Each page offers a level of alternating simplicity and intricacy to provide hours of stress relieving entertainment.

WILD ANIMAL FUN FACTS [©2016]  Written & Illustrated by Maria Oglesby | Adult Coloring Book (54 pages) Rated G for all audiences | 25 illustrations to color | WEB: www.wildanimalfunfacts.com | Released in paperback from the DFP Books label of Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.

Wild Animal Fun Facts



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“Maria Oglesby’s WILD ANIMAL FUN FACTS adult coloring book is so detailed and the drawings are fun to color! I love how she incorporates the animal facts right into the coloring pages. The animal facts are fascinating. This is a very well-done coloring book that will keep anyone busy for hours!” ~ reviewed by Alira Rosi [FIVE STARS]

“This coloring book is beautifully created. The pictures would be ideal for coloring pencils or gel pen, something with a fine tip. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend crayons since the pictures are so beautifully detailed. A feature I especially found enchanting were the little fun-facts hidden within each picture. I had no idea of most of the little facts and they are fun little gems to highlight in each picture. I also appreciate how realistic each picture is. I’m a fan of cartoon-like images sometimes but other times I want something that is realistic and elegant. WILD ANIMAL FUN FACTS offers that without being overly serious. The little fact adds the perfect amount of whimsy. I also loved that each animal is in a natural and authentic setting. Each touch is full of detail and reverence. I can tell the artist really cares about what she is doing. For me, that makes all the difference between an okay product and one of excellence. I generally like mandalas and more whimsical based coloring but this book is a gem with it’s wide range of animals and settings. I could see a group of ladies getting together to color together while chatting about life over a glass of wine or a cup of coffee or tea. I’m not sure what that isn’t a “thing” yet but this book has such variety that it would lend itself well to such a gathering. Who doesn’t love animals?!” ~ reviewed by Heather for Amazon Reviews [FIVE STARS]

“This adult coloring book was phenomenal! Even the kiddos liked it! Overall the lines are clear and delineate a beautiful image upon completion. The tigers were my favorite, though the hippos were a close second. The breadth of animals covered as well as the unique facts gave an added depth to the experience. Ultimately, I had forgotten how calming and enjoyable coloring books are – and this one specifically. The book is small enough that it fits nicely in a satchel or under your arm. WILD ANIMAL FUN FACTS was great for traveling or even if you have a few moments to relax.” ~ reviewed by Ali Rose [FIVE STARS]

“WILD ANIMAL FUN FACTS is a lovely coloring book with line illustrations complex enough to be an interesting challenge to color while still being a relaxing and enjoyable activity. I love that each animal is accompanied by a thought provoking fact. You can kind of meditate on that fact as you color, letting your thoughts wander… ‘Squirrels plant trees by forgetting where they’ve hidden their nuts… they do this big thing so unintentionally. What do I do unintentionally?’ I also love the richness of detail. Every little blade of grass or texture of tree bark is outlined, which is an opportunity to create surreal, rainbow colored landscapes. The animals are drawn crisp and clean, making them pop from the page and allowing the person coloring to add their own visual texture. Support artists like Maria! I love this coloring book and you or someone you love will too.” ~ reviewed by Dee A. Clingon [FIVE STARS]

“WILD ANIMAL FUN FACTS is set up in a great layout. It has a drawing on one side (with balance between larger coloring segments and finer more intricate sections) coupled with facts about the animals on the other side. It really helps me focus and organize my thoughts due to the amount of focused concentration your brain needs to undergo. It’s also been great to unwind after a long day at work since it helps you throttle your mind down to a relaxed level. My wife, my eleven year old niece, and myself enjoyed the book greatly and would highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a coloring book.” ~ reviewed by GeeCee for Amazon Reviews [FIVE STARS]

“I’ve worked as an artist for years, but am new to the world of coloring books. So, I appreciated that this book is both beautifully drawn and also accessible in the way the images are open and clearly defined. I love that the animals are drawn in their natural habitats, and are shown from interesting, elegantly composed angles. I also like the smaller format of this book verses other coloring books. I tend to want to use them when I’m in between meetings or traveling, and so I need it to fit in my medium-size purse, which this one does quite well. Although not something I was specifically looking for, the animal facts are cute, and I learned a couple new things. Overall, WILD ANIMAL FUN FACTS is a great adult coloring book, beautifully illustrated and accessible.” ~ a Barnes & Noble customer review [FIVE STARS]

“I have been coloring in adult coloring books since October 2015 so I am familiar with what makes a good coloring book and what doesn’t. This one is a bit smaller than the average book, measuring 8×10 inches. I find this an advantage because it stores easier. It has 24 hand drawn designs, but you can also color the cover page, if you like. The designs are single-sided, but there is a short animal fun fact on the back of the page. So, the design is on the right hand side when you open the book, and the fun fact that corresponds to that animal is on the left. The fun fact is also incorporated into each design. The designs have a lined border around them. The pages are not perforated, and the paper is the typical Create Space texture. The book lies flat easily enough, and the designs are far enough away from the spine of the book, so you can spiral-bind it or remove the pages with a blade, if you wish. The designs are hand drawn but of superb quality. I liken the images to the quality of those from major publications like Dover. You have closeups of animals as well as medium and far away perspective. The animals are drawn in their natural habitats. Some designs are very detailed, others allow you to add your own. Animal selections include favorites like wild cats, birds and elephants, but also some that aren’t usually seen, like bats, penguins, a walrus, a hippo, a sea otter, just to name a few. The fun fact tells you what animal you it is that you’re coloring. The landscape scenes that appear with the animals are a mix of wide open spaces, detailed leaves, trees etc.There are very few flowers. The hummingbird and squirrel designs have them. So, if you’re tired of spending more time coloring flowers than the actual focal point, you’ll enjoy this because the designs aren’t bogged down with unnecessary stuff. Everything is very lifelike and realistic, no annoying extra doodles to fill up space. I recommend color pencils, but there is no reason you could not try markers and gel pens. Just remove the page first, or put a paper in between pages if you do. I am not an advanced colorist, and I would say WILD ANIMAL FUN FACTS has designs that can be colored by people with multiple skill levels, but some of the designs have small details.” ~ reviewed by A. Heep [FIVE STARS]

“This delightful book is the perfect blend of design for beginning or advanced colorists. The single-sided animal illustrations are beautifully rendered in realism by being depicted in a natural environmental background of each animal’s habitat. There are no annoying ‘squiggles, doodles, or daisies’ to mar the pure loveliness of the animals. If you love nature and animals, you will truly enjoy the coloring experience offered by Maria Oglesby’s art in WILD ANIMAL FUN FACTS.” ~ reviewed by A. Rachat [FIVE STARS]

“WILD ANIMAL FUN FACTS is great! I love getting to interact with her art in such a fun way. The line work is delicate and provides enough interest that it’s not like coloring a kid’s coloring book, but is still simple enough for younger kids to enjoy. And the addition of the fun facts gives it a nice, educational touch, perfect for a gift to the inquisitive young ones in your life! I’ll definitely be ordering a copy for my younger cousin’s birthday!” ~ reviewed by T. Marie [FIVE STARS]

“After opening this coloring book, I was at a loss as to why it wasn’t at every grocery store! The geometric designs, as well as photographic accuracy of the animals, make WILD ANIMAL FUN FACTS a choice coloring book for all nature lovers. The style is simple enough to appeal to kids yet complex enough to entertain any adult. Well worth the price, I look forward to my next coloring session!” ~ reviewed by Xopher [FIVE STARS]

“I don’t know why I waited so long to color in this gorgeous book! WILD ANIMAL FUN FACTS is full of beautiful animals and the best part is the little fun facts written about them. For example, did you know, a group of parrots is called a pandemonium?” ~ reviewed by HueMoreWithMolly [FIVE STARS]

“WILD ANIMAL FUN FACTS is my new favorite adult coloring book. The design and just overall wow factor of the book are top notch. If you’re into this as a hobby or a time killer I would definitely pick this up. I’m actually going to look and see if this illustrator has any more books because I loved this one so much!” ~ an Amazon Customer review [FIVE STARS]